A Beginners Guide to Buying Wool Yarn on Merino or Furis wool yarn


Wool yarn is probably the first kind of yarn that many […]

Wool yarn is probably the first kind of yarn that many people think of when they think of crocheting or knitting. Wool is an extremely warm yarn that's excellent for scarves, sweaters, gloves and hats. It is also considered one of the best natural fibres available. When you buy wool yarn you are buying raw animal hair that has been spun and knitted into fibres that can be used for making clothing, bedding and accessories. This type of wool is completely natural and doesn't have any chemicals in it which is why it is so good for your health.

Wool can be either Merino or Furis wool yarn. The difference between the two is the thickness of the yarn. Merino wool yarn is the thickest and most sought after. It is softer than the other type and much finer. Because of the thickness and finer qualities of Merino yarn, it can take dye very well, especially when you use a high quality wool yarn such as the worsted weight yarn.

Wool yarns like the worsted are very popular because of their characteristics. Firstly, they are easy to make into fashionable knitted items like sweaters, scarves, socks and hats. They also come in a variety of weights, from light and fine to thick and heavy. This makes them suitable for any kind of project you may wish to make.

The fingering yarn is very similar to the wool, except it is less coarse. The fingering yarn is used mainly to knit socks, baby items and handkerchiefs. They are often thought of as being a cheaper option, but they are still very popular compared to other types of wool yarn. They are also used in many projects, although there is less of a selection compared to the wool yarn.

Next there is the worsted. This is the hardest of the yarns available. It is usually quite heavy compared to the others and therefore can only be used to make lace edgings, scarf and pullovers. However, the texture is far from stiff like that of the other two types of wool. In fact, the texture of the wool is even more luxurious and shiny thanks to the various treatments given to the fibers.

There are two main types of knitting needles. There are the lightest weight, or super fine, needles and then there are the ultra fine, or super heavy, needles. The differences between these two types of needles is important to understand before you decide on the yarn size for your project. Some knitters prefer to use the super fine and lightest needles while others will opt for the heavy weight or super heavy yarn.

Now, the next step is to choose the softest wool available. While you can always choose a high quality wool, often times the softer it is the more expensive it becomes. However, the softer the wool the longer it will last and the stronger it will be able to withstand washings. So, softer is better, especially if you are looking for an expensive, heirloom quality, wool that will last a lifetime. So, Merino wool yarn is definitely the softest wool available. If you are going to find wool instead, Baisheng New Zealand Wool is great choice.

Finally, you need to decide which type of stitch you will want to do to your project. Most knitters will tend towards either cable or cross stitches, since they are easier to perform. Some people also like to experiment with different stitches to create interesting designs. Knitting is such a personal hobby; therefore, it's up to you to choose the type of stitch you enjoy the most and the one you are the most comfortable doing. Of course, there are other options such as bulky yarns, super fine and super bulky yarns, and many others that you will certainly find once you start exploring the world of wool yarn crafts.

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