Polyester Wool Carpet Yarns Manufacturers

(1)Material: normally use New Zealand wool. Chinese wool or Euro wool, blending with PET
(2)Specifications:2000tex-122tex.380tex/1ply 70% NZ wool+30% PET hot sale. Yarn looks more beautiful than 100% NZ wool with much cheaper price, and better abrasion resistance.

As a leading China Polyester Wool Carpet Yarns Manufacturers and Polyester Wool Carpet Yarns suppliers , We mainly use the high quality carpet grade wool ,The company is fully integrated Italy and German carpet spinning unit. We wholesale Wool blend polyester yarn worldwide with our own mill.

These Handtufted Carpet Yarn are all high standards, high quality, low cost, high profit. Our Wool blend polyester yarn mill constantly developing New tech and New products with advanced imported equipment.