Carpet wool has been around for centuries but is making a real comeback these days


Carpet Wool Insulation - What Is It And Why Should You […]

Carpet Wool Insulation - What Is It And Why Should You Use Carpet Wool

Carpet wool has been around for centuries but is making a real comeback these days. In the industrial age wool was used for all kinds of things from clothing and sails to sweaters, bedspreads and blankets. It was an integral part of our society but then gradually it became more rarer. Nowadays it's back in fashion once again.

Carpet wool is made from the down of sheep's down. The down is so soft that they actually mote easily when they are knitted into clothing or used as stuffing for toys. The natural qualities of the wool mean that it feels really good to the touch and it also breathes. It is full of natural oils which makes it ideal for cleaning.

Wool is also a natural insulator so it keeps a room warm during the winter. It is good for people who have problems with allergies as it keeps dust mites at bay and prevents mould from growing. It is a natural heat source that keeps you warm in the winter months. Some people like the silky feel of it on their carpets and floors but some don't like it at all. Carpet wool can be expensive because it's not that cheap but then again it's probably worth it.

Carpet wool can be a little more labour intensive to manufacture than some other types of yarns and this means that it's more expensive too. If you want to keep your carpets fresh looking for longer you will need to make sure that you do a good quality job of cleaning and conditioning them on a regular basis. A lot of the time this means buying a few packets of wool and making your own mixture of detergent. It isn't difficult but can take a while to get right. You need a good quality wool that won't break or shrink.

Carpet wool is a natural fibres so doesn't irritate the skin in the same way that man made fibres do. If you are allergic to synthetic wool it can cause skin irritation. If you use wool often then you will see how thin and soft it is over time. After using wool regularly you will see how much better it is for your skin. It doesn't dry out or get fluffy. It is a very good all round fibre.

When buying carpets of any kind you are always going to find that you can spend more money on a thicker wool carpet, or one with more colours and designs. Carpeting in itself is expensive because of the labour involved in making the carpets. Woolen carpets tend to last a lot longer than carpets made from synthetic materials and are far more durable too. If you really can't afford a carpet in the first place then why not consider a woolen rug as an alternative?

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