Feature of tufted carpet yarn in tufted carpet processing


A good tufted carpet can't be made without good tufted […]

A good tufted carpet can't be made without good tufted carpet yarn.

Feature of Baisheng handmade tufted carpet yarn

A.Yarn better fluffiness, can reduce the amount of yarn in the unit area of the carpet by 5%-10%

B.Yarn better evenness, blending uniform, no color difference, less knots, which can reduce wastage by improving the yield of 5%-10%.

C.Make carpet surface fullness, good crimping, carpet raise another grade. Strictly supplied in accordance with the national standard.

D.For QB/T2518-2001 carpet yarn of textile wool yarn, We ensure that all yarn exceed national standards.

The main process of tufted carpet

1. Material preparation: weave the preheated and shaped acrylic fiber into the base cloth and various fiber yarns(such as New Zealand Wool) needed for the pile.

2. Flocking and shaping, that is, the chemical fiber yarns are drawn on the acrylic fiber base cloth in a row and high-speed flocking to form a neat and dense loop or cut pile on the carpet surface.

3. Scrape synthetic latex or polyester adhesive on the back of the blanket, and glue the base fabric and the flocking into a solid whole.

4. Finishing process, including flattening the carpet surface with a shearing machine, printing on the carpet surface, pasting foam backing such as styrene butadiene rubber or polyurethane or jute cloth backing on the carpet back, fluffing and finishing the carpet surface with steam, etc.

Features of tufted carpet

1. The variety of colors and styles is complete, and the range of options is very wide;

2. Tufted carpets are plump, flexible and durable;

3. The product grade covers high, middle and low ranges, which can meet the needs of different customers;

4. High production efficiency and short delivery cycle;

5. High dimensional stability, no shrinkage during use;

6. The product has wide applicability and can be used in different places.

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