Handmade wool crochet pattern for a beautiful sofa throw


Most people like to use neutral colors, such as: white, […]

Most people like to use neutral colors, such as: white, beige, tan and cream. For handmade carpets, if you are particularly adventurous, you can choose these basic colors or make carpets in other colors! These colors are especially popular in cribs. You can also use the pastel shades of these colors on the carpet or rug to prevent the baby from looking too bright.

After selecting the handmade carpet yarn, you can start working. You can follow the instructions on the package to machine or sew the carpet by hand. Hand stitching is more difficult because it requires you to be very precise, because each yarn must be carefully knitted in place before sewing it onto the backing fabric.

If you are using a machine, you need to pre-treat the yarn before starting. This ensures that once it dries and passes through the washing machine, it will not smell like urine. You should also try to buy high-quality yarns, because cheap or poor-quality yarns can make your handmade carpets fall apart prematurely. Keep in mind that cheap yarn is easy to break, so please buy more extras. When buying handmade rugs, ask the manufacturer if they provide any guarantees.

To ensure the longevity of handmade carpets, please do not wash the carpets too much. Gentle hand washing at home works well. When adding yarn, just add a cup of vinegar to the machine and leave it for five minutes before starting the machine. Use detergents for household fabrics and do not use any chemicals. Avoid placing handmade carpets on wet carpets; this will cause the cover to fall off and cause the fibers to be strained.

Carpet care is not difficult, but it does take some time. After using the yarn for a period of time, it is easy to take out the garbage in the house. If you want rugs to look good, remember to take care of them. By cleaning it regularly with yarn cleaner, you will have a gorgeous carpet for many years!

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