How to maintain and clean handmade carpets?


(1) Carpeting You can choose a pad to lay under the car […]

(1) Carpeting

You can choose a pad to lay under the carpet, which can make the handmade carpet, especially the high-density carpet, not easy to slide, not only make the foot feel better, extend its life, but also absorb the moisture on the ground. But the liner is not absolutely necessary.

(2) Daily dust removal

Handmade carpets have good air permeability and are not easy to absorb dust. Generally, they can be patted or brushed gently a week to remove the dust. If the frequency of use is high and there is a lot of dust, a light vacuum cleaner can be used to gently suck the dust along the direction of the carpet. Don't suck fringe.

(3) Partial daily cleaning

Usually try to avoid spilling water or other liquid stains on the carpet. If you accidentally get wet, you should immediately use a clean absorbent white rag or white towel to soak up the liquid as much as possible, and then take it to a cool and ventilated place to dry it. If the stain is serious, quickly use a white towel to gently absorb the stained area, use a cloth dipped in white vinegar and warm water to gently wipe the dirty area, and dry it and let it dry. In an emergency, you can drop a small amount of shampoo to clean it, and then dry it with a clean towel. Pay attention to wipe from the periphery of the stain to the middle.

(4) Overall cleaning

If the silk carpet is used for two to three years, please ask a professional carpet cleaner to clean it thoroughly. After cleaning, make sure the back of the carpet is dry before laying it on for use.

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