Features and advantages of carpet yarn


The carpet yarn produced by our factory has many charac […]

The carpet yarn produced by our factory has many characteristics of use, and does not contain any toxic substances. It is very safe when used. In order to let everyone know more about this product, we have prepared some relevant content today for your reference. I hope you have some gains.
The wear resistance of this product produced by our manufacturer is very high, so it is not easy to break when used, and this product also has the performance of acid and alkali resistance. Moreover, the weight of this product is relatively light, and it also has the characteristics of anti-aging during use, and it proves that its shrinkage rate is relatively small. And the thermal conductivity of this product is relatively low, will not generate static electricity, and will not absorb moisture. It can be seen that it has very good anti-aging characteristics, and it is also very suitable for your needs when used, so its use units are also very wide. The widely used carpet fiber is nylon; more than 90% of the carpets are nylon carpets. The fourth-generation nylon fiber has good elasticity, stain resistance, easy washing, and a wide variety of colors and textures. After the carpet is treated, the anti-stain performance is greatly enhanced. The nylon fiber can also be fluorinated with water and oil.

Carpet yarn is a product made from yarn. These yarns are produced by a special process and the product has many advantages. The product has very good wear resistance. Many people are already familiar with carpets. In the perception of many people, the carpet is to make the environment more upscale, and it is more comfortable for people to step on. But now the carpet not only needs to meet these requirements, what he needs is more personality. And there is a steady improvement in practicality. And our manufacturer's products can well meet the above requirements. The product has good wear resistance. And it is a very easy to clean product. It is not easy to deform during use, and its performance is very stable. After a lot of data analysis, this product is not easy to generate static electricity during use. Make our living environment more comfortable and tidy.

The application of carpet yarn around our lives has become more and more widely used with the development of society, and the product is mainly made of cotton, linen, wool, silk and other yarns. These fibers are inseparable. Therefore, Although the product was plant fiber or chemical fiber later, it was still fiber. Moreover, the difference is that the yarn used for clothes is worsted and the yarn used for carpets is woolen. Therefore, the application of this product around our lives is very important, and it plays an important role in light industry and other fields. Polypropylene carpet yarn has poor light resistance, which can be fully utilized to enhance the corrosion resistance of the product. Therefore, the product is well received by the majority of users and friends.

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