• What does CLSP in yarn index mean?

    What does CLSP in yarn index mean?

    C.S.P is the product of English count and strength of yarn in pound. i.e. C.S.P = Strength of yarn in pound x Count in English system CLSP refers to the yarn quality index, the higher the better. Actual Count, the closer the better Count CV% count unevenness, that is, the coefficient of variation of... read more

    Jul 10,2020 News
  • Carding machine improvement

    Carding machine improvement

    Blanking induction system: In May2020, the carding blanking system was upgraded.From the original two - point positioning electronic induction, updated to four - Angle positioning induction.The hopper is a container for purchasing materials and an electronic scale with accuracy up to 1 gram.Updated ... read more

    Jun 28,2020 News
  • Wool blending oil  adding system

    Wool blending oil adding system

      Due to the capacity of our blending system is large, the weight of wool is 7 tons per batch, but the original and gross oil mixing device can only mix about 3 tons of oil and water solvent. Therefore, our company comprehensively updated the oil-water mixing device, replaced the large-capacity... read more

    Jun 05,2020 News