What You Need To Know About Wilton Carpet Yarn


Invented in 18 47 by German immigrants, Wilton Carpet i […]

Invented in 18 47 by German immigrants, Wilton Carpet is the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial carpet. Machine woven carpets made by large looms weave fine carpet yarn together with backing and yarn-faced tassel material. The end product, produces a long lasting flooring which offers high durability with excellent underfoot comfort. Offered in both dry and damp proof fabrics, it can be used for both interior and exterior home use.

It is often said that the size of a carpet should correspond with the size of the house. If you have a large room, then you would need larger and bulkier carpets whereas if you have a small one, then go for thinner and more elegant designs. The thickness of your carpet per square is derived from the fiber or threads per square inch. Carpet manufacturers divide carpet yarn into six categories such as merino wool, chenille, lambswool, diamond and satin, based on the texture and characteristics.

Amongst these, satin is considered to be the finest yarn available today, with its superior qualities in providing maximum comfort. Carpets made from this yarn are highly durable and stain resistant too. Carpet made of this yarn has a smooth and flat weave finish, giving a plush feel. Its weaved weft construction enables any given pattern to attain an exact blend of color, texture and look.

The fibers from which the yarn is derived are hand knotted and closely braided, facilitating the creation of intricate patterns in each pile. The tufts or threads from which the rugs are made, are chosen after a rigorous process. The yarns are first graded to identify the highest quality yarns. This is followed by the cutting and weaving of the carpets made from the selected fibers. The resulting pile is then carefully assembled according to design.

Wilton has four different ranges of rugs for both home and commercial use. They have Oriental, British, California and European collections. The Oriental collection includes designs with oriental themes. It comprises of three main types - round, flatbed woven carpet, and needlepoint. The round pile has a smooth flat underside and is the most popular choice for those looking for a carpet with a natural look.

The flatbed woven carpet is slightly coarser and has a very fine, uniform texture. It can easily be tufted to obtain a coarser texture and to achieve an illusion of being longer. Carpets with needlepoint designs are usually quite large, as they are based on the same principles as the seed rugs. In addition, it is common to find these carpets with detailed motifs in motifs made of animal bones or shells.

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