• New Zealand Wool Carpet

    New Zealand Wool Carpet

    New Zealand Wool is considered to be the world's top Merino wool. It is spun, woven and processed by skilled craftspersons in New Zealand. Historically, much of New Zealand's natural wool came from the Waikato area near Auckland and is processed very locally. Now, due to high demand, farmers in New ... read more

    Sep 11,2021 News
  • Baisheng Jute Yarn

    Baisheng Jute Yarn

    Jute thread (jute twigs) is a green, 100% natural and pollution-free alternative packaging material. Jute thread and jute twine spun out of natural jute fibres utilised for knitting, weaving of different kinds of jute cloths, are considered to be of superior quality. In fact, jute thread is so speci... read more

    Sep 04,2021 News
  • Features and advantages of carpet yarn

    Features and advantages of carpet yarn

    The carpet yarn produced by our factory has many characteristics of use, and does not contain any toxic substances. It is very safe when used. In order to let everyone know more about this product, we have prepared some relevant content today for your reference. I hope you have some gains. The wear ... read more

    Aug 23,2021 Industry News
  • Baisheng Jute Yarns

    Baisheng Jute Yarns

    Jute (Chenille), a tropical grass, is also known as threads of life. Its versatility and amazing health benefits make it a precious and popular plant. Jute is the Central Asian plant, native to Nepal and India, with a very long history. It has been used since ancient times for a variety of tasks inc... read more

    Aug 21,2021 News
  • A Beginners Guide to Buying Wool Yarn on Merino or Furis wool yarn

    A Beginners Guide to Buying Wool Yarn on Merino or Furis wool yarn

    Wool yarn is probably the first kind of yarn that many people think of when they think of crocheting or knitting. Wool is an extremely warm yarn that's excellent for scarves, sweaters, gloves and hats. It is also considered one of the best natural fibres available. When you buy wool yarn you are buy... read more

    Aug 14,2021 News