Types and functions of wool carpets


Wool carpets can also regulate the dryness and humidity […]

Wool carpets can also regulate the dryness and humidity of the room and have certain fire retardant properties. According to the different production process, there are three kinds of wool carpets: woven, machine woven and non-woven. The handmade carpets are more expensive, the machine-woven ones are cheaper, and the non-woven ones are newer and have the characteristics of noise reduction, dust suppression and convenience. Due to the high price of wool carpets, it is easy to get moldy or moth-eaten, so small pieces of wool carpets are usually used for local laying.

1、Good quality wool carpets have good sound absorption ability, which can reduce all kinds of noise.

2. Thermal insulation effect: the thermal conductivity of wool fiber is very low, so the heat is not easily lost.

3, Fireproof performance: In addition, good wool carpets can also regulate the dry and humidity of the room, with a certain degree of flame retardant performance. But the low quality wool carpets have little or no sound absorption ability, and the heat can be lost easily, it is also easy to get moldy or moth-eaten.

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