What are the characteristics of wool carpets?


Carpets made of wool have very good air permeability. I […]

Carpets made of wool have very good air permeability. It is one of the better carpets. It has very good feel and antistatic properties and can maintain a good appearance under normal use. Because it is relatively high-end, so the price is relatively high, the following editor will briefly introduce the specific characteristics of wool carpets:

Wool fiber has many advantages as a raw material for carpets. The most significant advantage is that wool fiber has excellent appearance retention. Wool fiber has natural permanent crimp and looks like a spring, which makes wool carpets have excellent resilience and pile resistance, especially for the indentation of furniture and the stepping on the living room carpet, which can be well restored.

Wool blanket features one warmth retention: wool is recognized as the best thermal insulation material because of its thermal insulation and breathability. It can not only keep warm but also regulate cold and heat; for moisture resistance, wool has a tubular structure, so it can absorb moisture in humid air.

High-quality wool carpets have good sound absorption capacity and can reduce various noises. Thermal insulation effect: wool fiber has very low thermal conductivity, and heat is not easily lost. Wool fibers can absorb pollutants and harmful gases in the air and purify indoor air.

Wool carpets also have natural stain resistance. The wool fiber has a natural protective film to prevent water droplets from entering the fiber. The liquid sprinkled on the wool carpet floats on the surface of the carpet pile, which is easy to clean. Approximately 80% of carpet stains are caused by liquid splashes, so wool carpets have natural excellent stain resistance and do not require special chemical treatment.

Features of wool blankets: two health care: wool's warmth, breathability, and moisture resistance can have a good effect on arthritis and rheumatism patients. At the same time, thick wool has rich elasticity, and the fur surface is soft and soft, which can disperse human skin. It is the pressure on the bulging part of the bones. When the body weight rotates, it has a certain massage effect, stimulates the capillaries, helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin, and has a certain relief effect on muscle fatigue and joint pain. The fiber gap of the fur can be absorbed And diffuse sweat and oil excreted from human skin, help skin metabolism and enhance the ability to resist skin diseases.

The above is a brief introduction about wool carpets. I believe you also have a certain understanding and buy them according to your needs.
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