What is the difference between Axminster carpet and Wilton carpet?


Both Axminster carpets and Wilton carpets belong to wov […]

Both Axminster carpets and Wilton carpets belong to woven carpets, and both have corresponding ground organization in the fabric structure as the base of the carpet.

The difference in the production methods of the two carpets is: Wilton weaves the pile yarn into the ground weave and then cuts the pile to make a cut pile carpet or uncut pile to make a loop pile carpet; while Axminster is With reference to the knitting method of oriental carpets, the pile yarn is cut into a specified length by a mechanical method, and then it is cut and buried between the ground warp layers of the carpet with a "u" or "J"-shaped consolidation method, and then it is added by weft yarns. Fixed, so there will be no sinking yarn on the back of the carpet, but Axminster only has cut pile and no loop pile carpet.

The main features of Axminster carpets are as follows:

①It is suitable for producing high-grade, long-pile wool carpets.

②In the pattern design of the carpet, there are few restrictions on the pattern, the number of colors and so on.

③High utilization rate of velvet yarn, no blanket back sinking yarn.

④It can use materials of different fineness, twist and material.

⑤ It is convenient and simple to replace and schedule the variety of carpet production.

Axminster carpets are flat, plump and magnificent in style, reaching the international commercial heavyweight carpet standard. It has excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort and durability. It is generally used as hotel restaurant carpet, corridor carpet, banquet hall carpet, bar KTV carpet, meeting room carpet.

Wilton carpets are divided into single and double-sided Wilton carpets. Single-sided Wilton carpets have good appearance retention, stable carpet shape and no hair loss. Because of their special raw materials, they have excellent flame retardant and antistatic properties. It is very suitable for use on aircraft with extremely high flame retardant performance requirements. In addition, the carpet is very suitable for high-end yacht carpets, passenger ship carpets and high-end hotel carpets. The double-layer Wilton carpet has the characteristics of full fabric, compact structure, and heavier square meter velvet yarn.

Wilton carpet has a velvety carpet effect, harmonious colors, warm and elegant, with good pile fastness, appearance retention, and clear pattern decoration capabilities. Therefore, Wilton carpets are mainly used as hotel room carpets.

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