What is Wilton carpet and yarn


Wilton carpet is a kind of woven carpet, named after th […]

Wilton carpet is a kind of woven carpet, named after the production process originated in Wilton, England. Wilton carpet generally refers to the interweaving of warp yarn, weft yarn and pile yarn, and the finishing process of gluing and shearing.

According to the position of the carpet, Wilton carpets can be divided into:

(1) One-sided Wilton carpet: good appearance retention, stable carpet shape, no hair removal, because of its special raw materials, it has excellent flame retardant and antistatic properties. It is very suitable for use on aircraft with extremely high flame retardant performance requirements. In addition, the carpet is very suitable for use on high-end yachts, passenger ships and high-end hotels.

(2) Double Wilton carpet: This type of machine originated in Belgium. The characteristics are: the fabric is full, the structure is tight, and the square meter velvet yarn is heavy. This loom is a double-layer fabric, so the production efficiency is relatively fast.

The direction of use of Wilton carpets is mainly for hotel guest rooms. Because the carpet has full fabric and good elasticity, it feels comfortable on the feet of the room. It is an ideal product for hotel guest rooms.

Wilton carpet has a velvety carpet surface effect, harmonious colors, warm and elegant. It has good pile fastness, appearance retention, and clear pattern decoration ability. Generally suitable for making household blankets and guest room blankets for hotels and apartments.

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