Wool and other natural fibers are great for a number of reasons


If you're looking to make a new floor covering then loo […]

If you're looking to make a new floor covering then look no further than the amazing new Fibrox Axminster Carpet Yarn. The Fibrox yarn is a unique mix of different natural fibers such as Alpaca and Goat, which are used to create a range of beautiful new carpets, rugs and floor mats. There are different Fibrox yarns available, which make them suitable for use in a variety of applications. With its unique properties it's also possible to get Fibrox yarns mixed with other synthetic yarns, which allows it to be used in floor mats and carpets where other wool or synthetic materials are not ideal.

Wool and other natural fibers are great for a number of reasons, but they are also highly expensive to manufacture. The fact is that they require a lot more work to create than synthetic or wool materials, which means they can only be produced on a very large scale. This is why Synthetic Carpeting, which uses wool, is so popular - because it is cheaper and more easily mass produced. Fibrox is completely different from synthetic materials because it's made using an entirely different process. It requires very little work to manufacture, making it more suitable for smaller-scale production - as well as being more expensive to manufacture.

Fibrox has been created using an all-natural process called 'fiber grafting' which makes it 100% natural, unlike other synthetic materials such as wool and nylon. Unlike synthetic carpets and floor mats, which often come with a thin plastic backing, Fibrox can be installed without any backing at all. It is completely bonded on to the underlying backing material, allowing it to provide a completely seamless carpet surface, ensuring there are no gaps between the rug and the subfloor. As well as this, Fibrox is one of the most durable carpets and floor mats on the market, with its excellent durability and resilience to wear and tear. This means you can be confident that your new carpet or rug will last for years to come - providing you take care of it properly to keep it looking good for many years to come.

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