Woven Axminster carpets are a great choice for homes


What is Woven Axminster Yarn? Axminster is a type of wo […]

What is Woven Axminster Yarn?

Axminster is a type of woven yarn that was first created in the 1950s. This particular yarn is used for carpets, which is a very unique and beautiful fabric. In fact, it is more durable than most other carpet materials, and it uses seven needles per inch to produce a textured surface. While woven Axminster is not as luxurious as hand tufted goods, it can still hold its own against the more basic machine tufted goods. Moreover, Axminster is known for its great color selection, as well as the freedom of design and pattern.

Axminster yarns are woven with backing yarn to provide additional structure to the pile, which is crucial for durability. Because of this, Axminster carpets are ideal for areas with high traffic and heavy furniture. The Axminster-gripper-technique is the most important method used to weave Axminster carpets. This method utilizes jacquard machines, which register thread sections according to pattern shapes and then introduce them into the good. Axminster carpets are durable, highly resistant, and come in a variety of color choices.

In a woven Axminster carpet, the pile and backing materials are tightly woven, eliminating delamination, a common problem in tufted Axminster carpets. This process is a good choice for high-traffic areas, especially when heavy furniture is present. Furthermore, Axminster's durability and resilience make it a good choice for commercial use. Axminster's superiority in terms of durability makes this product the perfect choice for any room in your home.

Woven Axminster carpets are a great choice for homes or offices with heavy traffic. The unique construction and combination of face and backing yarns makes Axminster carpets a great choice for high-traffic areas. These carpets also hold their color, and are suitable for rooms where heavy furniture is present. So, if you're looking for a durable, comfortable, and stylish rug for your home, choose Axminster.

Axminster carpets have a rich history and are a popular choice in luxury hotels. In addition to combining visual texture and durability, woven Axminster carpets are the best choice for high-traffic areas and heavy-use areas. This type of axminster carpet has a rich look and can last for many years. This unique weaved axminster yarn is available in many colours and can be woven on state-of-the-art electronic jacquard looms.

Woven Axminster carpets have a unique look and feel, with both the pile and backing interlocking. This type of carpet is best suited for areas with heavy furniture and high traffic. The woven Axminster yarn allows for the control of specific design elements. For example, if you have children in your home, a woven Axminster carpet will be a great choice.

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