Woven Axminster Wool


Woven Axminster Yarn is a very popular brand in Austral […]

Woven Axminster Yarn is a very popular brand in Australia. It is a company located in Australia that manufactures quality, handcrafted wool yarn. The company sells all its products and yarns via its own website. With an extensive array of yarn colors, textures, and styles to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something classical or contemporary, for sewing or crocheting, for seaming or knitting, Woven Axminster has just what you need.

Woven Axminster Wools are hand tufted Australian wool. They are handpicked, refined, and treated according to the highest standards. Woven Axminster wool can be used for knitting, crochet, or carpets. Woven Axminster's unique processing techniques create a tight, flexible yarn with excellent strength and elasticity. It is also extremely soft.

Woven Axminster yarn is available in a selection of weights, from ultra fine baby blankets to extra bulky Sportive. It can be found in numerous natural colors including blue, red, grey, pink, orange, yellow, silver, and white. In addition, the wool is dyed various colors. This enables it to match just about any color scheme you may have in mind.

Woven Axminster has an amazing sheen that has been compared to the finest cashmere. The yarn is so strong that it will not split, not fray, or become damaged by abrasion, water, or sunlight. Woven Axminster wool is also hypoallergenic.

You may want to consider knitting a scarf or blanket with Woven Axminster yarn. Whether you are creating a baby blanket, a baby bodysuit, or a sweater for yourself, you will find that Woven Axminster wool is a very high quality knit yarn with an exceptional feel and shine. Woven wool is so versatile that it makes it a great choice for knitting a wide variety of projects.

There are many different uses for Woven Axminster wool. Woven wool can be used for making a baby blanket, a baby bodysuit, a scarf, a nursing sweater, a coat, and a hat. The possibilities are endless! Woven wool can also be used to make gloves, socks, mufflers, scarves, shawls, sweaters, hats, and more. If you enjoy knitting then you will love the idea of knitting a sweater or a hat using this high quality wool. Remember, if you love knitting you do not always have to create something spectacular - you can simply create something functional and warm, such as a baby blanket.

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