Ms Lou Wangqing, chairman of the company, is a member of Linhai Municipal Consultative Conference,a member of the Party,a model worker and an excellent entrepreneur in TaiZhou City. They only female memver of TaiZhou trade union of Zhejiang province.
In the face of all kinds of opportunities and challenges, as well as the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, Lou Wangqing firmly believes:"never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind. General secretary Xi Jinping has said that the new generation of private entrepreneurs should inherit and carry forward the spirt of the older generation of hard work, dare to venture, focus on industry and focus on business, and strive to make enterprises stronger and better. Private enterprises should broaden their internationalvision, enhance their innovation capacity and core competitiveness, and formmore world-class enterprises with global competitiveness.I will always use general Secretary Xi's words to motivate myself and spur myself, striving to be a leader in the high-quality development of the private economy in the new era."
Ms Lou Wanqing is enthusiastic about social welfare. She donates money to poor mountainous areas and disaster areas, personally delivers laba porridge to street sanitation workers, and subsidizes senior associations in local villages every year.
Under her guidance, the company set up a labor union and set up a "love foundation"to assist the employees in difficulties in the enterprise. The spirit of helping others when one person is in trouble, everyone helps, so as to make the enterprise grow in love.