How to choose carpets of different materials


There are many carpet materials, you can choose accordi […]

There are many carpet materials, you can choose according to the decoration budget and style.

First of all, you need to understand the material of the carpet, whether it is long pile, plain weave, round, square or sheepskin, different spaces match different carpets.

Pure wool carpet

Advantages: warmth and noise reduction; it looks very tall, but it is actually very tall; in all carpets, it is soft and comfortable at the max level; it releases moisture when it is dry, and absorbs moisture when it is wet.

Disadvantages: Golden branches and jade leaves need to be raised in deep boudoirs, which are easy to grow worms and mold; maintenance costs are high, and the price is also high.

Chemical fiber carpet

Advantages: strong tensile strength, good abrasion resistance, and full of elasticity; not affected by humidity, antifouling, mildew and mothproof; easy to clean, easy to dry, not wrinkle, and not easy to fade; the main thing is that the price is moderate.

Disadvantages: heat preservation and light resistance are worse than wool carpets; man-made fibers are flammable, easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust.

Blended carpet

Advantages: It combines the advantages of wool and chemical fiber. On the one hand, it is as wear-resistant as chemical fiber, reducing moths and mold; on the other hand, it feels similar to wool, keeps warmth and reduces noise, and the price is better than wool carpet.

Disadvantages: negligible.

Plastic carpet

Advantages: It is not an exaggeration to toss, it is more wear-resistant in all carpets; cleaning; the important thing is that the price is cheaper than real. If you want to come to a carpet, but don't want to take care of it at all, or you are embarrassed in your pocket, there are more patterns on plastic carpets now.

Disadvantages: The hand feel is not too soft; it does not require a high level of weaving, so it is not so delicate.

Generally speaking, pure wool carpets, blended carpets, and chemical fiber carpets are generally placed in living rooms, bedrooms, etc.; plastic carpets are mostly used in halls, entrances, and the sides of bathroom bathtubs.

If you have cats and dogs in your home, and you have babies, you must fully consider special needs when laying carpets.

Necessary functions for special situations:

Strong anti-fouling, easy to take care of, easy to clean, anti-static, mildew, moths

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