What are the precautions for carpet maintenance


1. Protect from light When drying the carpet, it should […]

1. Protect from light

When drying the carpet, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and try to avoid strong direct sunlight to prevent the carpet from aging and fading.

2. Antifouling

Do not contaminate oil, acidic substances, colored liquids, etc. during use. If contamination occurs, wipe it off immediately.

3. Remove dust

Dust is easy to accumulate in the surface fiber of the carpet. You should always use a vacuum cleaner to clean it along the direction of the hair. Do not use tools with teeth or rough edges to avoid damaging the surface of the carpet.

4. Prevent falling hair

If the carpet appears to fall down, wipe it with a clean towel soaked in hot water, comb it with a comb, and iron it with an iron pad and a damp cloth to restore the original shape.

5. Anti-concentration point pressure

In use, place cushions or frequently change furniture where the legs of the furniture touch the carpet. For the severely worn parts, in addition to using a cover to protect it, it can also be used in alternate positions.

6. Ventilation, moisture-proof

Carpeted rooms should be ventilated and moisture-proof to avoid moth-eaten and mildew on the carpet. If moth-eaten or corrosion is found, professionals should be asked to repair it.

At last

Periodic and comprehensive cleaning to remove the dirt in the depth of the carpet pile can maintain the beauty of the carpet and prolong the service life of the carpet.


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