How to choose the right size living room carpet


What size of carpet is suitable? In fact, there is no u […]

What size of carpet is suitable? In fact, there is no uniform answer. Floor area, furniture size, room type, size and shape will all affect the size of the carpet. Choosing the right size is as important as finding the right color and pattern.

If the living room space is relatively small, most of the furniture is arranged along the wall. Therefore, the carpet is best placed in the center of the room. Put the rug under the coffee table, the sofa surrounds the rug, but do not press the rug to ensure that your feet can rest on the rug when you sit down. This arrangement is ideal for small spaces.

In a medium-sized living room, if your furniture is placed against the wall, make sure that the carpet is pressed under the front legs of the living room furniture (such as a sofa or chair), and the back legs of the sofa can leave the carpet. This method can create a good sense of spatial proportions.

In larger living rooms, some furniture can be placed entirely on the carpet, and some can be placed only on the front legs. For example, the front legs of a chair can be placed on the carpet, and all four legs of a sofa can be placed on the carpet. At the same time, please make sure that there is at least 45 cm between the edge of the carpet and the wall of the room.

In a large living room, the carpet should be large enough to put all the furniture on the carpet. In this way, the furniture seems to float on the carpet, making the living room space look bigger. This method is still applicable in open spaces, and in most cases, the larger the carpet, the bigger the room looks.

Finally, remember to use a tape measure to determine the size of the carpet you want to lay before discussing the size of the carpet with the carpet supplier or designer. It is best to take a photo of the carpet for their reference. These rules can help you determine which carpet size is best for your living room. Of course, if you have your own ideas, you can lay carpets in the living room according to your own feelings, without sticking to any rules, because the carpet itself is to make your home warmer and make yourself more comfortable.

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