What are the selection skills of carpet


Modern people who are increasingly pursuing the texture […]

Modern people who are increasingly pursuing the texture of life, are gradually no longer satisfied with the simple floor covering effect of wood or ceramic tiles, and begin to like the use of comfortable and environmentally friendly carpets to assist in decoration. So what are the carpet selection techniques?

1. Look at the appearance quality

Regardless of the carpet selection techniques, viewing its appearance is the inspection method that should be ranked first. The specific method is also very simple. It is to check its surface carefully. On the one hand, check the flatness and whether the fluff will be uneven. On the other hand, check whether the color is inconsistent or not. In addition, it is best to carefully check for delining or glue leakage to avoid subsequent sticky and greasy phenomena.

2. The pile density of the carpet

I believe that when most people ask questions about the purchasing skills of carpets, one of the main purposes is to hope that it can help to achieve a certain sound insulation and anti-slip effect, and the pile density is the key factor that affects these two points. . Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the carpet, the better the quality of its pile, and the density will naturally be more full. It is not only very resistant to abrasion and pressure, but also usually has very good sound insulation capabilities. However, one thing to note here is that don’t mistakenly think that the plush material on the surface is a good carpet. On the contrary, this material will become "unrecognizable" as long as you step on it a few times, so it is recommended that you try to touch it with your hands. Choose carpets with tight piles and thick piles.

3. Color fastness

Among the many answers on what are the carpet selection techniques, this is the one that is most easily overlooked by many people. Owners often complain to the merchants that the carpet fades seriously after being bought and used for a period of time, and the floor is stained. Fascinated. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone who prefers colored carpets. In the process of purchasing, you may consider testing the color fastness of the carpet by rubbing it back and forth with a pure-color rag. If there is a dyeing problem on the rag, it can basically be judged. The quality of the product is poor and it is best not to buy.

4. Peeling strength of carpet backing

In the carpet production process, a very important link is to glue a layer of mesh base cloth to the back of the carpet with latex. This process usually has established standards, that is, its peeling strength must meet the requirement of not less than 25N. Based on this, you can pull a little with your bare hands to check whether the degree of adhesion meets the standard. This is also a method of inspecting the durability of the carpet in the selection of carpets.


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