The use of bale rope has brought great convenience to our lives


Everyone should not be unfamiliar with bale rope. It is […]

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with bale rope. It is made of straw as the raw material. However, with the increase in market demand and technological advancement, nowadays more polypropylene resin is used as the main raw material, and of course there are polyester and nylon materials With the use of these materials, the quality of the bale rope has become better and better, and its role in practical applications has gradually increased, which can be said to bring great convenience to our lives.

The bale rope has good flexibility and soft edges, so it is safer to operate. It is suitable for manual operation and can protect the tied object without damaging the hands. At the same time, the strapping effect is also very good.

Bale rope has very good temperature resistance, relatively high melting point, and will not deform when used below 120 degrees. In addition, its elongation is relatively small, so it can be used for a long time to maintain a good tension.

The bale rope is more beautiful and will not rust, the color is bright, and it will not pollute the bale. It can be seen that the bale rope is better in terms of use and durability, and has a variety of colors, which can meet everyone's needs for different colors.

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