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In the context of the continuous decline in internation […]

In the context of the continuous decline in international market demand and the gradual weakening of domestic textile and apparel product costs and price advantages, since this year, the export situation of the domestic textile and apparel industry has continued to be sluggish, and the survival pressure of enterprises has risen sharply. Under the severe industry situation, the textile and garment enterprises in Dongying City closely monitor product quality, adjust product structure, update production processes and production technologies, expand domestic sales of products, save energy and reduce emissions, and reduce costs. They have maintained a relatively stable development trend. It has risen but bucked the trend and survived the winter of the textile and apparel industry.

 The severe industry situation is a crisis and a challenge for Dongying textile and garment enterprises. Faced with this situation, Dongying textile and garment enterprises actively adjust their positioning and product structure, implement order-based production, develop new technologies, save energy and reduce consumption, strive to reduce production costs, improve their own level, and strive to transform crises and challenges into development opportunity. Facing challenges, creating opportunities, and turning challenges in adversity into opportunities for development is the magic weapon for Dongying's textile and apparel industry to rise steadily and against the trend.

Adjust structure to expand domestic sales.In recent years, the low-end textile industry has gradually shifted to Southeast Asia and other regions. The domestic textile and apparel industry, especially the low-end textile and apparel products, has been affected. Adjusting its product structure and realizing industrial upgrading have become effective measures for the textile and apparel industry in Dongying City to respond to challenges. At present, the textile and garment industry in Dongying City has basically formed two industrial chains. One is the home textile industry chain consisting of yarn, cloth, printed and dyed cloth, bed sheets, bedspreads, drawnwork, handicrafts, etc.; the other is combed yarn, high-end fabrics, clothing, etc. Consists of the apparel industry chain. The products have been extended from single cotton yarn and grey fabrics to combed yarns, wide-width printing and dyeing fabrics, high-end fabrics, clothing, home textiles, silk fabrics and non-woven fabrics, etc. The industrial level has been continuously improved.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction of enterprises, accelerate the promotion of a number of energy-saving technological transformation projects such as waste heat and pressure utilization, energy-saving motor system, and energy cascade utilization; support enterprises to accelerate energy-saving technological transformation through contract energy management; actively promote the country and the province It is recommended to report energy-saving technological transformation projects in the textile industry, strive for policy funding support, and continuously improve energy efficiency.

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